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ETF option for Indian Google Adsense Publishers is coming soon

Google Adsense

If you are an Adsense Publisher from India and facing problem with standard check delivery then this is a good news for you. Google is actively working  on EFT (Electronic funds transfer) option  for Indian Adsense publishers and it will available soon.In many counties like Australia,US,UK this option is already available but indians are eagerly  waiting for this option from ... Read More »

Monitor Adsense clicks with Google Spreadsheet

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Starting from May 2013, Adsense has stopped showing invalid clicks in adsense reports.After this it became difficult to find out invalid clicks.Now, to identify the invalid clicks you can compare your Adsense clicks from Adsense report to another programs like StatCounter or Google Analytics.But these programs only provides limited logs. This script will check your Adsense earnings and store the ... Read More »

No more invalid clicks in Google Adsense reports

Adsense Performance Reports

Google Adsense has stopped showing invalid clicks and impressions in performance reports from 1st May ,2013.In an official blog post google announced that they are removing the invalid clicks and impressions from Adsense performance reports to increasing the accuracy of AdSense reporting.As we know ,untill now Google Adsense was also showing invalid clicks and impressions in performance reports but Adsense was ... Read More »

Google Adsense Policies Frequently asked Questions

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best source of online income but due to lack of knowledge about Adsense policies many people are losing their Adsense account. Although there is an official post by Google about Adsense policies  but they need more explanation.So here I am posting few questions related to Adsense Policies with their answers. 1).How many ad units I can place ... Read More »

How to Verify adsense account without PIN

Yes, it is possible to verify adsense account without PIN. Adsense is the best adnetwork because if you earn 10$ from adsense then you only earn 1$ from other but its not easy to get a verified adsense account specially if you belong to country like India.I have seen many people are unable to receive Address Verification PIN from adsence ... Read More »