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Creating 5 Star Rating System with PHP , MySQL ,Jquery and Ajax

Rating system is very useful to know what a user is liking most.In this tutorial you will learn about creating 5 Star Rating System with PHP,MySQL ,Jquery and Ajax.This tutorial also reduce chances of multiple votes by single user for same product.To prevent  multiple votes it will store user’s IP address and also set a cookie in user’s browser .It ... Read More »

Autocomplete an input field using AJAX, PHP, MySQL and JQuery

When you are using a web form you may need to generate suggestions for users to select an option from all available options.In my example , I have assumed that i have an  input field called country.When a user types few text the webpage sends an ajax request shows the names of the countries which match with the user’s input.If ... Read More »

Using post method in ajax without Jquery

In most of the cases GET method is used for sending the ajax request but due to limitation of GET method like 1000 character limit we need to use POST method in AJAX. Follow these step to send an AJAX request using POST methode- 1-Create an XMLHttpRequest- Mozila Frefox ,Safari Chrome and IE 6+ support XMLHttpRequest but older version of Internet ... Read More »