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Website stats counter with PHP,MySQL and JavaScript

This tutorial will explain how to create a simple page view counter or website views counter using PHP,MySQL and  JavaScript .In this tutorial I am using Java Script although it can be done without JavaScript.Reason for using JavaScript is that it will also count the page view if visitor visits a cache page and you can also host these files ... Read More »

Creating server side logs with PHP

Sometime creating sever side logs are necessary to know who is accessing your website at real time.Server side logs also provides some facilities  like getting visitor’s IP address,timing etc.Server side logs also provides the logs of bots which is absent in Google Analytics.This PHP script will make logs of everything which access your page and save the logs in different ... Read More »

A google style Did you mean PHP script

did you mean php

This tutorial about building a php script which can work as spell checker just like “Did you mean” in google search results .When you search for a misspelled word in google it shows you results with correct spelling or results with misspelled word saying did you mean  “correct spelling”.For example if you search for “hostng” in google it will show ... Read More »

How to compress a Folder containing Sub-Folders and Files with PHP

Compress Folder PHP

Sometimes we need to compress entire folder including sub folders and files.To compress entire folder using ZipArchive() class you need to scan all folders and files.After assigning all files and folder in any variable you can easily add them to zip archive one by one.So here is the entire process to compress a folder containing sub-folders and files with PHP. 1.Choose path ... Read More »

Building 3D pie chart with PHP using GD library

3D Pie Chart

This is tutorial about building 3D pie chart with PHP using GD library.Although in my  post of how to build a line chart with php I have recommended to avoid use of GD library for line chart, yet in  this post I am recommending to use GD Library .Building pie chart is easy with GD library.If you are using Google Analytics ,then ... Read More »

Force a File to Download Instead of Showing Up in the Browser

Force a File Download

Usually when a user goes to a file URL (for example: a download link), the file will show in the browser if the browser have a method to display that type of file.For example if you open an image link in your browser it will always display.Few extensions like .ZIP ,.EXE will be always downloaded because your browser doesn’t know ... Read More »

How to build a meta search engine with PHP

Meta Search Engine

A meta search engine is a search tool that sends user requests to several other search engines and/or databases and aggregates the results into a single list or displays them according to their source.Currently there are a lot of meta search engine on internet.For example is a meta search engine which gives the normal search results of google  combined with  results of  “Answers Search” ,”Metrics Search” ... Read More »

Build your own Forgot Password PHP Script

forgot password php

This tutorial is about building a forgot password system(Password Resetting System) with PHP when password is encrypted with MD5() ,SHA1() or any other encryption algorithm . When you are storing the passwords of users in plain text then you can easily send their password to their email id.But in case of encrypted password  it is not possible to send the ... Read More »

How to build a line chart with php

Line Chart with PHP

This tutorial about building a line chart with PHP without using GD library.Generally GD library is used for building a chart with PHP ,but a disadvantage of these types of chart is they are  images .It becomes very hard to deals with images using HTML,CSS and JavaScript.For example you want to add a mouse over event on any bar then you ... Read More »

How to add watermark to an image using PHP

This is tutorial about how to add watermark to an image using PHP.Watermarks are use full to display copyright information or name of your website on any image.In this process you need two images first is the watermark image and second is image on which watermark will display.Follow these steps to add watermark to an image using PHP. 1.Choose image paths,output format ... Read More »