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How to get quality backlinks for your tutorials

Backlinks to your website

  After Google Penguin update link building techniques changed completely.Now Google is more strict against creating artificial backlinks using automated software.Now a days ,guest blogging is also a good way to get backlinks but disadvantage of guest blogging is that you have to write  quality articles for those  websites .So instead of writing articles for those websites you can write tutorial for ... Read More »

Building Search Engine Friendly URLs with htaccess and PHP

Search Engine Friendly URLs

This is tutorial about building search engine friendly URLs with htaccess and PHP  . URLs play a very important role in on page search engine optimization.Search engines rank static URLs( better than dynamic URLs( dynamic URLs can be converted in static URLs easily with the help of “.htaccess” and PHP.We will try to understand these URLs rewriting techniques with the help ... Read More »

How to Add breadcrumbs for Google search results

Add breadcrumbs in google search results

  Breadcrumbs  allow users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents.To understand more about breadcrumbs see this image- Above breadcrumbs show that you are viewing this post under SEO category .It is very easy to show breadcrumbs on your webpages using HTML.You can add the given code to show the above breadcrumbs. [crayon-5d04df3dd178e920046891/]   In November 2009 ,google ... Read More »