Color Splash Tutorial

Photoshop Color splash is a method for emphasizing areas or objects inside of black and white photographs, with color.(1)

Color Splash changes our perception towards any Image and gives that Image an extra dimension of beauty.
Color Splashing technique is too easy. You can learn it by following steps..

Step 1 :  First browse a picture from your computer disk drive to Photoshop. I have taken an image of Fruits, they are different in color so I can easily make you understand splashing technique.


Step 2 : Now We will make a duplicate layer of  this background layer. Right click on layer and click ‘Duplicate Layer…‘ (or Press Ctrl+J (PC) OR Command+J (Mac) to duplicate layer)


Name this layer. This will make a duplicate layer above the original. I have named it with ‘Layer 1’.


Step 3 : Now we will Desaturate this new layer. Desaturation is a different process in comparison to converting an image to grayscale or a black and white yet renders the same visual effect. Go to ‘Image‘ option on top and then select ‘Adjustments‘, now select ‘Desaturate‘. (or Press Shift+Ctrl+U (PC) OR Shift+Command+U (Mac)


Image will look like this :


Step 4 : Main part is to add colors in this Image. We will History Brush to add colors in this Image. Once we desaturate the image, the original color becomes part of that image’s history. By using the History Brush Tool we can then selectively restore parts of the desaturated image to its original color version.
Select the History Brush Tool by clicking on it in the tools palette. (or Press the letter Y (Mac or PC))


Now you can begin coloring in the parts that you would like to have color. Adjust your brush size accordingly to get into those tight spaces and remember that you can zoom in to make sure you add nice clean details to your image. (You can press ‘[‘ to decrease the brush size and press ‘]‘ to increase brush size)

You will get Image like this..


Experimenting with the history brush and different brush shapes for that matter can result in some unique and/or abstract photo manipulations.