ETF option for Indian Google Adsense Publishers is coming soon

Adsense Payment Option

Adsense Payment Option

If you are an Adsense Publisher from India and facing problem with standard check delivery then this is a good news for you. Google is actively working  on EFT (Electronic funds transfer) option  for Indian Adsense publishers and it will available soon.In many counties like Australia,US,UK this option is already available but indians are eagerly  waiting for this option from years. As we know that currently Google pays to indian publisher only via check .Google has to pay extra money for delivering checks and so it’s also a time consuming option .The check issued on 25th september 2013 is still untraceable in India so a publisher started a protest against Google on Google Product Forums .In reply to this protest a Google employee answered –

We actually just sent our first test payment for this process yesterday in order to verify our banking integrations.   We have a few other prerequisites to implement in our payments system which will take some additional time before it’s ready, but be assured that we’re indeed actively working on it.

After EFT option publishers will able to get their earning direct into their bank account without any delay.Currently it takes around 20 days to arrive check and few extra days for clearance of check  depending on publishers location and bank.So if everything works fine you will  see an option for EFT in Adsense payment settings page after selecting that option you have to provide your bank details like account number and IFSC code.You can verify your account detail by sending a test payment to your account.Once verification complete you will able to get your adsense earning direct into your bank account. So I hope Google will implement this option soon.

Update on March 5, 2014Finally it is available for all Indian publishers  , to get it apply a “self-hold” (under “payment settings” option) to your account.After applying it wait for few days and you will get option for “wire transfer” ,then fill your bank detail to get payment directly into your bank account.

Update on February 15, 2014 -Google is testing Wire Transfer option with limited (invite only) Adsense publishers.

Update on February 5, 2014 – Google wants to offer Wire Transfer and Local EFT payments in India .To avoid  intermediary fees on payment transfer they need more time and this time no expected date from Google.

Here is the complete reply from a Google Employee-

Hi everyone,

I owe you an update on where we’re at for electronic payment options in India, along with an explanation of why we’ve encountered a delay.

As you may have seen from comments from other publishers, we’re working to gradually add support for U.S. Dollar wire transfer payments as a new payment option for many countries, including payments to India.  We’ve been using U.S. Dollar wire transfer payments to pay Google Play developers in India during 2013.  We understand that the fees incurred for these payments have been minimal, based on feedback received.  For international transfers, India “Service Tax Rules” fees are assessed for all currency exchange payments by the bank performing the currency conversion (approximately Rs.30 for a $100 payment, Rs.100 for a $1,000 payment, and decreasing in proportion to the payment for larger payments).  Individual banks may charge additional fees, but we haven’t received reports of these fees being excessive, and these Service Tax fees are often all that gets assessed.  We’re hoping that this will provide a fast and reliable alternative to check payments and the associated delays that you often encounter with them, provided that we can do so without causing excessive costs to you.  We want to make sure that you receive the most value from the program, and any bank fees that you have to pay to collect your payments undermine that value.

As was noted from the thread regarding payments in Bangladesh, we are trying to resolve an issue where intermediary fees are being deducted from the payment where we believe we may be able to avoid them.  Some of these intermediary fees are outside of our control, but others may be ones that we have influence over if we can find the right routing for the payments.  We were under the impression that we had this issue resolved for the January payment cycle, but we discovered that resolving this will require further investigation.  This blocks us from being able to offer wire transfer payments more broadly, so it’s very important to us that we find a solution.
We’re investing in upgrading our payments system so that we can later bring more local forms of payment to more countries.  We have a large AdSense publisher community in India, and we certainly want to provide a normal, domestic EFT payment experience that you’re accustomed to.  Local EFT payments provide the best experience to our publishers, and we hope to start exploring this after we complete this payment system upgrade.  It’s a project that the AdSense Payments team is excited to make happen.
Thanks for your patience while we work to improve our payment processes.  I’ll let you know when we have a better understanding about when we’ll be able to make this available.

  • Do you have any idea on EFT option in India. Today i got payment confirmation main from Adsense, they said EFT introduced , but i didn’t see the option for India.

    • Probably you have misread the mail.It is not available at the moment,I guess EFT will available in December 2013.

  • UPDATE – Google posted the following:
    “I’m certainly hoping that we’ll be able to start making this option available before the end of the year. We’re very eager to get electronic payments available in India, and we’re working to make this available as quickly as possible.”