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Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best source of online income but due to lack of knowledge about Adsense policies many people are losing their Adsense account. Although there is an official post by Google about Adsense policies  but they need more explanation.So here I am posting few questions related to Adsense Policies with their answers.

1).How many ad units I can place on my website?

Answer- You can use maximum three ad units with three link units and two search boxes on same page but if you are planning to use 300×600 ad unit then you can use 300×600 ad unit only one time on a page with other units.In short,your page can display only one 300×600 ad units.

2).Can I use Adsense ads on my hacking related website?

Answer-Most of hacking related website post links about software cracks,serial keys,torrents and illegal software if you are posting the same things then keep away from Adsense.

3).I have a website which provide links of MP3 songs .Can I place Adsense ads here?

Answer-Most of MP3 songs(including Bollywood,Hollywood movies and albums) are subject to copyright material.If you don’t have copyright to distribute those MP3 songs don’t place Adsense units there.If you are posting links of MP3 songs which are created by you then you are welcome to use Adsense ads.

4).I have a website which provide live streaming of TV channels.Can I place Adsense ads here?

Answer-Most of TV streaming servers are illegal .Only few free to air channels provides live streaming of their channels.Before posting or including streaming links first check that if it is provided by respected channel owners or not .If streaming is not provided by channel owners  then don’t use your Adsense ads there.

5).Can I say my visitor to click on my ads?

Answer-Never try to cheat ,Google is smart enough to recognize invalid click activities.

6).Can I say my friends to click on Adsense ads?

Ans-See answer 5.

7).Can I place Adsense ads in iframes(iframe HTML tags)?

Answer-No,it’s against Google Adsense Policies.

8).I am not getting enough traffic to my website.Can I purchase traffic to 3rd party websites and put Adsense ads there?

Ans-Google don’t like artificial traffic or  traffic from bots.So don’t place Adsense on websites which getting artificial traffic.

9).Can I place  Adsense ads in Facebook applications?

Answer-Facebook uses an iframe to run your application.So see answer 7.

10).Can I show Adsense ads under “Visit Our Sponsored” phrase?

Answer-No,Adsense ads are allowed to show under “Advertisements” and “Sponsored Links” phrases only.So the  best way is to not use any sub heading.

11).Can I place Adsense ads in pop ups or pop unders?


If you have more questions about Adsense  policies,You can comment here.

  • Prince

    Why i m getting this error “The account associated with publisher ID ca-pub-9836541529248554 has been disapproved”

  • jason

    Can I place adsense code in footers? YES you can. Google doesn’t care what part of the page you put your code. They have suggestions about putting it above the fold for best performance but there is nothing saying you can put it below the fold.

    • You are right.I have updated the post thank you for comment.