How to Add breadcrumbs for Google search results


Add breadcrumbs in google search results

Add breadcrumbs in google search results

Breadcrumbs  allow users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents.To understand more about breadcrumbs see this image-



Above breadcrumbs show that you are viewing this post under SEO category .It is very easy to show breadcrumbs on your webpages using HTML.You can add the given code to show the above breadcrumbs.


In November 2009 ,google started to show breadcrumbs in search results to improve user interface.Using the above code will definitely show the breadcrumbs on your webpage but your breadcrumbs may not display in google search .To insure that your breadcrumbs will display in google search results you can change your code in given manner.

If you use the above code your webpage then your page will display in SERP(Search Engine Results Page) like this-

Breadcrumbs for this page

Breadcrumbs for this page

First two lines are simple code to display the text before your breadcrumbs .

Third line defines XML Name Spaces to the URL customize your breadcrumbs you don’t need to change these three like.

Now come to line 4,

It defines that you are using the span tag as a breadcrumb.

You have to add rel and  property attribute with the given value in anchor tag to make your code work in google search.

If you add the above code in your page then your page will look like this in google search results.To insure the visibility of your breadcrumbs in google search add these codes just before starting of your main content and also check your code using google  richsnippets tool.



  • Shamim cpz

    Some of these tutorials
    are extremely good, magazine like. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hashim Jamal


    i have implemented the breadcrumbs as webmaster tool standard and still these breadcrumbs are not appearing in Google search results….


    Can you help me out to find out the errors ???

    • Amit Singh

      I guess you have recently added these breadcrumbs .Google has not indexed these changes .Please wait few days it will appear soon.

  • Mathias

    Thanks alot! I have used it for my domain: and it works great. I use prestashop.

  • Amit Singh

    Add those lines anywhere after body tag and remove see more line. .

    • vovan

      about “see more line” it was question how did you do this tick ?


      • Amit Singh

        To do this you just need to add few lines of javascript or if you are using wordpress then you can install sharethis plugin.

  • Amit Singh


    • vovan

      thank you !

  • Vinayak Sutar-Patil

    how we can introduce this in Blogger platform.. any idea?