How to build a line chart with php

This tutorial about building a line chart with PHP without using GD library.Generally GD library is used for building a chart with PHP ,but a disadvantage of these types of chart is they are  images .It becomes very hard to deals with images using HTML,CSS and JavaScript.For example you want to add a mouse over event on any bar then you have to mess with image’s  height,position and lots of other things.

Line Chart with PHP

Line Chart with PHP

In this tutorial I am going to use a java script plugin jqplot to build the line or bar chart.This pluging is free to use and it is also available for commercial purpose.I have already coded a PHP program with will generate this chart.To use this PHP script you just need to fill the array $x and $y.$x is an array which contains the values for X-axis and $y is a variable which contains values for Y-axis.You can also set the title of the graph by changing the $title  variable .The title of the graph will display on the center of the graph.By default animation is on if you want to turn of animation then set the value of $animation to false.So here is the PHP script.

Remember that to run above script correctly you need some extra files.So download the complete source from here.

 See Demo   Download Source