How to make any Picture a Brush

Guys.. Brush is a very important tool for a painter and for Photoshop too. There are plenty of ways to create a brush. Here I will guide you to create a Brush from an Image in Photoshop CS5. Just follow these steps : 1. First open Photoshop and click on ‘File’ and then ‘Open’ (or press Ctrl+O). Browse one picture ... Read More »

How to set headers for Amazon S3 and CloudFront files

CloudBerry Menu Options

Amazon S3 and CloudFront  are the most efficient and cost optimized services for medium traffic websites.In this tutorial you will learn how to set custom headers for Amazon S3 and CloudFront files.Many people uses CloudFront to deliver static files(like CSS and JS) of their websites because CloudFront servers are much faster than traditional hosting servers.If you are using CloudFront as a ... Read More »

10 most useful htaccess tricks

1.Redirect all traffic of www domain to without www-Most of the search engines(including Google) consider and as a two different domain.So it necessary to redirect the traffic from one domain to another domain to avoid the penalty of duplicate content.Here is the htaccess code which will redirect all traffic from to [crayon-5f946f811b286731386109/] You can also do ... Read More »

Creating server side logs with PHP

Sometime creating sever side logs are necessary to know who is accessing your website at real time.Server side logs also provides some facilities  like getting visitor’s IP address,timing etc.Server side logs also provides the logs of bots which is absent in Google Analytics.This PHP script will make logs of everything which access your page and save the logs in different ... Read More »

Building Search Engine Friendly URLs with htaccess and PHP

Search Engine Friendly URLs

This is tutorial about building search engine friendly URLs with htaccess and PHP  . URLs play a very important role in on page search engine optimization.Search engines rank static URLs( better than dynamic URLs( dynamic URLs can be converted in static URLs easily with the help of “.htaccess” and PHP.We will try to understand these URLs rewriting techniques with the help ... Read More »

Google Adsense Policies Frequently asked Questions

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best source of online income but due to lack of knowledge about Adsense policies many people are losing their Adsense account. Although there is an official post by Google about Adsense policies  but they need more explanation.So here I am posting few questions related to Adsense Policies with their answers. 1).How many ad units I can place ... Read More »

How to create a Facebook application

Register as a Developer Botton.

Building an application on Facebook gives you the opportunity to deeply integrate into the core Facebook experience. Your app can integrate with many aspects of, including the News Feed and Notifications. All of the core Facebook Platform technologies, such as Social Plugins, the Graph API and Platform Dialogs are available to Applications on Facebook. Here is the steps to create a Facebook application. 1).To create ... Read More »

A google style Did you mean PHP script

did you mean php

This tutorial about building a php script which can work as spell checker just like “Did you mean” in google search results .When you search for a misspelled word in google it shows you results with correct spelling or results with misspelled word saying did you mean  “correct spelling”.For example if you search for “hostng” in google it will show ... Read More »

  Flux If you are spending more than 3-4 hours while using computer then light of your computer screen may hurt your eyes.So it is very necessary to protect your eyes from screen light.F.lux is a software which can protect your eyes when using a computer. F.lux makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at ... Read More »

How to block bad bots with .htaccess and php

Block Bad Bots

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to block bad bots and spiders from your website using .htaccess and PHP. We can save bandwidth and performance for customers, increase security, and prevent scrapers from putting duplicate content around the web. Few days ago ,I was checking log files on my server and I found that a bot was hitting my site ... Read More »