How to Validate a Credit Card Number

A credit card number is not a sequence of random numbers.There is an algorithm for checking if it is correct or not . The algorithm which is used in credit card validation is called the Luhn algorithm  or Luhn formula, also known as the “modulus 10″ or “mod 10” algorithm . Suppose that we are going to check the credit card number 371449635398431 .Here is the  step ... Read More »

Download a remote file with php

There are many methods in PHP to download the remote file.I am going to explain few methods which are the best and easy to implement. 1-Using CURL(Client URL):- Curl is the best method to download a remote file because curl provides many  options to handle your download.Here is the few things which makes it the best. You can send and ... Read More »

Autocomplete an input field using AJAX, PHP, MySQL and JQuery

When you are using a web form you may need to generate suggestions for users to select an option from all available options.In my example , I have assumed that i have an  input field called country.When a user types few text the webpage sends an ajax request shows the names of the countries which match with the user’s input.If ... Read More »

How to write text upside down Flip Text using Java Script

If you want to create an application like then you can do this using given javascript function.Using this application anyone  can copy the output and use it on Facebook ,Twitter and MySpace .Follow these steps to develop an application like fliptext. 1.Copy the given code and save as script.js. [crayon-5ca1d2363b97b327238327/]   2.Copy the following HTML code and save as flip.html. Please  note ... Read More »

Using post method in ajax without Jquery

In most of the cases GET method is used for sending the ajax request but due to limitation of GET method like 1000 character limit we need to use POST method in AJAX. Follow these step to send an AJAX request using POST methode- 1-Create an XMLHttpRequest- Mozila Frefox ,Safari Chrome and IE 6+ support XMLHttpRequest but older version of Internet ... Read More »

How to add Drag and Drop feature to your website

Are you trying to add drag and drop feature to your website like Google Plus ? then you are at right place .You can add drag and drop feature by using JQuery and Jquery UI. Follow these steps to make element draggable and dropable. 1.Add Jquery and Jquery UI plugin to your page into head section(between<head> and </head>) of your ... Read More »

How to Verify adsense account without PIN

Yes, it is possible to verify adsense account without PIN. Adsense is the best adnetwork because if you earn 10$ from adsense then you only earn 1$ from other but its not easy to get a verified adsense account specially if you belong to country like India.I have seen many people are unable to receive Address Verification PIN from adsence ... Read More »

How to get visitor’s real IP address in CloudFlare enabled website

If you are using CloudFlare on your website then you then  $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”] returns the IP address of cloud flare server instead of visitors IP.Actually CloudFlare works as proxy servers,first it fetches the contents from your hosting server then it delivers to the visitor .But to get get the real ip of visitor you don’t need to worry because it passes the ... Read More »