How to register for SBI Mobile banking

If you have an SBI account then you should register for SBI Mobile banking . (State Bank of India) Mobile banking provides the following features-

register for SBI Mobile banking

register for SBI Mobile banking

  1. Balance enquiry
  2. Mini Statement (Detail about last 5 transactions)
  3. Money Transfer
  4. Mobile and DTH recharge

Registration  for SBI Mobile banking is available in two forms.If your handset is GPRS enabled and support mobile applications then you can download SBI Mobile Banking Application .In other hand if you don’t have such handset then you can also use mobile banking through SMS.

Please remember that if you are going to register using mobile application you can not use it with application and if you register through SMS then you can use this service using mobile banking application.

Here is the steps for registration –

I).SBI Mobile Banking Registration using mobile application-If your mobile handset is GPRS enabled and java supported then use these steps for registration.

  1. Send MBSREG to 9223440000 from your mobile.(You will receive a user ID and PIN from SBI).
  2. Open SBI Mobile banking Application .
  3. Application will ask for user name ,enter your user ID and press OK and then press accept to accept SBI terms of services.
  4. Then it will ask to change the PIN .Enter your old password and choose any 6 characters numeric PIN as new PIN.
  5. Now go to your nearest SBI ATM.
  6. Insert your ATM card ,enter your ATM PIN .
  7. Choose Mobile Banking  option.
  8. Choose Registration Option.
  9. Enter your mobile number and confirm it .You will receive the response from SBI on your mobile number.

II).SBI Mobile Banking Registration using SMS-If you don’t have GPRS enabled handset then follow these steps.

  1. Send MBSREG to 9223440000 from your mobile.(You will receive a user ID and PIN from SBI).
  2. Send SMPIN <user id> <old  pin> <new pin>  to 9223440000 .(You will receive a SMS that your MPIN is changed)
  3. Send SACCEPT <user id> <new pin> to  9223440000 .(To accept SBI terms and Conditions)
  4. Now go to your nearest SBI ATM.
  5. Insert your ATM card ,enter your ATM PIN .
  6. Choose Mobile Banking  option.
  7. Choose Registration Option.
  8. Enter your mobile number and confirm it .You will receive the response from SBI on your mobile number.

Uses-Send these SMS to 9223440000-

  1. For balance enquiry – SBAL <userid> <mpin>
  2. For Mini Statement- SMIN <userid> <mpin>
  3. For Mobile recharge –STOPUP <userid> <mpin><service provider of  mobile to recharge> <mobile number> <amount>

If you are registered for SBI Mobile Banking then you can check more uses and limitation from here.,1,21,691

also download this PDF for offline guide for how to register for SBI Mobile Banking-


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  • pavan

    means wat we have to enter??

    • SMPIN is a keyword you don’t need to replace it with any other code.

      • Praveen Kumar

        HI, i am already de-register my account. How to reregister again

        • Remove/Deregister your mobile number on ATM (skip if already done) and follow the same process to get new ID and MPIN.After this again register your mobile number on ATM.

  • tej chander

    online sbi mobile number change new application form refinance number form

  • kiran

    thanks dude…. really usefull……

  • devdas

    The app sbi freedom which i download is not working properly. As i can see only user id option field i don’t see any password option. Why? Reply ASAP.

    • First time it will not ask for any password .You need to change the MPIN using application .After that each time you will use this application it will ask for both user ID and MPIN.

      • avika Arjun

        I forgot my mpin hw to get it

  • srikanth pullela

    SMPIN to 9223440000

    so it means we have enter space between the words right…

  • dijeesh

    i have completed all process for mobile banking as you told but my bank account is far away from my location, can i registr my mobile number through atm

    • If you are in a different state then you will get an error message whenever you will try register your number through atm otherwise in same state you will able register your number any through SBI atm.

    • Innocent

      go to onlinesbi e services freedom link

  • Avaneesh

    Can I register the same mobile no. on two different SBI accounts of two different names for mobile banking on both the accounts??? Please Reply asap..

  • kannan


  • manu

    As u mentioned process I had fallowed but still my gprs pin is not activated

  • mukesh kumar prasad

    This is gud system. I like mobile banking

  • shakil masalawala

    I just opend my account in sbi and i hav recievd paasbook but not atm card yet.i hav asked for mobile banking in form, and todag i hav got a sms with my account belance detail. But i havnt get user id or pin. I want to use sbi freedom app on my mobile. So sir can u help me how go get user id and pin?…thanx in advance..

    • Send an SMS from your registered mobile number by typing MBSREG to 9223440000 .If you have filled the form for mobile banking registration then you don’t need ATM.If have received an SMS because you have subscribed for SMS alert not for Mobile Banking.

  • rahul

    me jammu me rehta hu mere mobse sms send nahi hota kyoki yaha sms servies nahi he to registration kese karu

    • If you are unable to send SMS then try Internet Banking instead of Mobile Banking .Internet Banking is also free and you can use it on your mobile through GPRS.

  • rahul

    Sir pls reply I m waiting

  • sandeep


    I have followed the process for GPRS enabled handset but when i try to register at ATM it gives me the following error message “Complete Handset Validation Before this Step 169”

    and moreover when the changed my MPIN through SBI Freedom app i have not received any confirmation message.

    Can you suggest me what should i do in this case ?


    • You have to change your MPIN before going to ATM.Make sure that your application has permission to use Internet and SMS.Still you are unable to change the password using application then you can use mobile banking via SMS .May be , application has compatibility issue with your phone.

      • sandeep

        Hi Amit,

        I did change my MPIN before registering the same at ATM. But was not sure about the reason for “Complete Handset Validation Before this Step 169” message. Moreover on my mobile i did not receive any SMS/message from app like “Handset Registration Succesfull”.

        Any inputs what would have gone wrong ???


        • I have no idea why it is not working but you can contact your nearest SBI branch for more help or call on toll free number of SBI customer care (1800112211 or 18004253800).

  • chataddicted

    Can i use both sms banking and internet banking with same user id and mpin???

    • No, SMS banking and Internet Banking are two different services.You need to apply for both.

      • chataddicted

        Internet banking mean sbi freedom apps.. Actually the problem is i hv 2 change the channel from apps to make it available for sms banking.. But sadly my windows phone freedom apps dont hv this option change channel while Android apps have this option.. So im waiting for an update.. @amit0535:disqus

  • vin

    m trying to complete my mobile num registeration in atm, but it s showing ‘temporarily cant process your request’. can u pls help me..

    • vin

      amit bhai can u pls reply, i tried today also in atm but same problem.. some times it shows ‘sms/secure regn’…

      • It’s difficult to say from here,so please call on toll free number of SBI customer care (1800112211 or 18004253800).

        • vin

          ok.. thank u:)

  • Nikunja Lamsal

    i completed all the work but remaining is to go to atm… till how many time should i go there? or till how many hours..? and if there is anything that we must go in time then what should i do again if its late?

    • Don’t need to worry there is no such time, you can complete next step any time.

  • pavithran

    I forgot my MPIN, and how to get it ?

  • j.senthil Kumar Chennai

    Sir my mobile. Samsung. Galaxy. Grand. Error. 943 how. To salve the problem

  • Deepraj Khairnar

    Hello everyone,
    I am using Sbi freedom for mobile banking but I am unable to change mpin it shows “cannot process request”
    Any help.?

  • anil

    After sending a SMS MBSREG to 9223440000 I didn’t get a any msg back

  • Samir

    Am trying to send a SMS from USA to +91 9223440000 but there is no reply..please advise. Thanks!!

  • Subhash

    Hi Amit,
    can we register two sbi account in single mobile no?
    can we get service for both account on single no simultaneously?
    Please reply…

  • Amit kumar

    I don’t know my old mobile number then how can i deregister from sbi freedom? Please reply me bcoz i want to register my new number again.

  • Shakti

    Can i register my Mo. Number from any branch of sbi from different cities of same state?

  • rakesh

    m not able to change channel

  • SaaB

    I hav registered already with different mbl number whch am not using now but i forgot both my userid nd mpin. So if i register by ur steps shall i register with another numbr ?