• Abhinav Khanna

    thnk u so much for this post i m from India and i was not able to verify my adsense account but this post help me so much. thnk u thnk u thnk u so much.

  • Abhinav khanna

    sir, i have a question about the first adsense cheque. will it receive to my address or not. or any way to track when my first adsense cheque will arrive at home

    • In India ,Adsense delivers the checks through “Blue dart” and they are punctual to deliver shipments.If you have not received verification PIN on your address it doesn’t mean that you will not receive check too.Adsense provides a tracking number(something like BlueDart********) by which you can track the current location and expected time to reach your check at home on BlueDart website( http://bluedart.com/ ).

      • abhinav

        Thankyou amit sir for replying me

  • sir, my another question is, can i verify my adsense account using my Voter Id. please reply

    • Yes,Passport,Voter ID card ,PAN card or any government issued ID can be used for verification.

  • Rahul

    Above link is not working…any other way to verify address ???? …i have already tried 2nd time but till no PIN has come to my hand…Plz reply..

    • Link updated !! please check it again.

  • sourabh

    sir my question is can i send my bank statement to google …will it work???

    • If you don’t have any government issued ID then you should try this but make sure that your name ans address should be clear and should be same as your adsense account.Bank statement are considered as secondary document so it may take more time to verify .Also try to submit more than one documents for quick verification.

  • Karshim Kanwar


    I quickly need to verify my account. Will the above said process means no need to enter the PIN sent by Google Team?

    https://support.google.com/adsense means that this looks to be official, interestingly, Google has never mentioned this page anywhere, unless I learn it from your blog post!

    36 days over since I requested the first PIN, not yet reached, request the second PIN as well! What fast turnaround time I can expect? And will the first PIN, second PIN have the same code to enter, in case I receive the first PIN early?

    • 1.Yes, after document verification there is no need to enter any PIN.
      2.Above mentioned link will automatically appear on your Google Adsense account after 4 weeks of your last PIN request.
      3.No ,both PINs are different .Don’t wait for second PIN upload the scanned copy of document.Chances are very low to receive your second PIN in case you have not received your first PIN.

  • Sat sri akaal bro
    Brother Amit plz help yaar
    I m from punjab.. my pin is not recieving..50days gone. I hav 1 requset left. i apply 1st req at 10 Feb 2013 and 2nd request at 8 March. .When i apply for 3rd requset.?
    and how can i upload PAN Card For verification proccess..bcoz on pan card there is no any prroof of addsense and not show any postal address that adsense want? how they send payment without address.. but very thanks bcoz i hav only PAN card ..and i dont hav any others like voter id card,passport etc… R u really know they accept pan card.. waiting your reply plz help me…

    • Yes! I have verified my adsense account using PAN card so you don’t need to worry about it and if you have PAN card then you don’t need any other document.

  • and bro can i upload my pan card now…bcoz my 1 requset for new pin is left.. but i can’t wait.. can i upload it now plzzzzzzzz

    • Yes,you can upload it now,don’t need to wait for any PIN.

  • I uploaded PAN card .. 21 hours gone… when i got verified? how much time it take plzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  • after i upload my PAN CARD on above link yesterday. Now when i got
    verified. 23 Hours gone after upload PAN card. When i got verifird.how
    much take time to this? help pzlllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz

    • Mr. Harpeet Walia Insan! keep patience .Verification takes time depending on backlogs.Usually it takes 2-3 days to verify but sometimes it may takes few weeks.

  • 4 Days gone sir ….. 🙁

    • I understand that you are are anxiously waiting for verification,but unfortunately you can’t do anything except waiting.Wait few more days you will definitely here a good news from Google Adsense .:D

  • It looks adsense is no longer accepting this method to verify your PIN.You can only extend the deadline to submit your PIN by an additional three months.You have to wait for your PIN.Although you will able to adsense ads on your pages and it will not affect your earning for next three months.

    • Bro New PIN K Liye Request Kese Karu ?
      Actually the prob. is Ki Mere Adsense Account Me Wrong Address Hai. Real Change Nai Kr Paya :-s
      & Ab Wo Adress Change Kr Diia Buh Wo PIN Ka Kya Karu ? Wo To Wrong Address Ke Liye Chala Gya.
      New PIN K Liye Kab Req. Kr Skta ?

  • luriahkartz

    Hi sir…thanks for sharing about adsense pin with us. i’ve already request for second pin because i didn’t received the first one. i’ve noticed that you have mentioned on the earlier post that if the first pin didn’t arrived, then just go through this method because the chances to get the second pin is low. So can i just upload the documents now?.Thanks

    • Yes,chances are very thin to get second PIN on same address because they will pass same process .Earlier Adsense have made changes regarding to this verification process .If you submit your documents now they will just extend the number of PIN which will send to you and you will get three extra months to request and submit PIN..After 30 days from last PIN request you will see a bar on your Adsense account asking for documents with mentioned link.Then you can submit your documents and they will verify your address.

      • luriahkartz

        Thanks for reply. So do you mean that just let until they ask to submit the documents to verify the address if the 2nd and 3rd pin also do not arrive?.

        • Right ,previously it was possible to verify your address using this method without waiting for second or third PIN but few months ago ,after reading this post few users complains that they just got extra time to verify their account instead of verified account .So I will recommend you to not submit it now.

          • luriahkartz

            Do you think that all adsense publisher must go through until last pin request to verify their account?. I didn’t understand that why google provide a hard way to verify the account. Actually we can simply upload the documens without waiting this pin number to do that.

          • Here is a sample mail which is received by a publisher after uploading documents.
            Google is doing all these things to prevent a person from creating more that one Adsense account .

          • luriahkartz

            Btw, thanks for this information. i’ll follow your advise as well

  • i already send my 3 verification mails. but i dont get anything from google. what i do next?

  • joseph jonny

    hey what are the attachments i can upload as my address proof??

  • Gaurav

    thanks for your information,
    What if I upload documents just after second request?

  • Chintan Sharma

    i has just requested for my 3rd pin but i can see a bar asking for my proof. Should i do it now or wait for it.

  • mashooque

    can verify adsense through passport

  • Salman Alam

    Sir meri teeno pin chali gai lekin pin ni ai
    Aur jb alternate option ka pata chala to wo akar chala gaya
    Ab mai kistarha adsense verify karun?